Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lots of stuff ;)

Times are quite busy! Jess is preping for her year end show! So not much time at home these days! LOL

First... Karla (Website: ) was having a little contest, a lift! So cool! You guys have to check out all the gorgeous LOs!!
I have to admit I had been visiting her blog for a while now, so I was so excited!

Here is the link to all the lifts!

Lift Me Up! blinky

So the original was from Ania (Website: - Take the time to check out her gorgeous stuff!
This is her LO:

Followed by mine:

Now, at Scrapbook Star there was a little contest going on... we were sent LOTS of items to include in our LOs..... anyhow, here is my result! (items included all flowers, all puzzle pieces, the black items, red crochet cotton, glitter...and more!)

And a last LO with Scarlet Lime Kit (December)... The lift was also done with the Kit! And trust me - all of these kits are AMAZING!!!

I thought I should also share what it is looking like here!! - they are announcing a total of 50 cm of the white stuff!! (that's almost 2 feet)
What's left of the tree out front!

The view from my front door!

Well, that's all for today! More stuff to share and I was tagged by Donna Salazar (LOVE HER).... so back soon!
Hugs to all of you!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just wanted to say hi! :)

I didn't want you guys to think I have forgotten you! LOL

ELAINE: I will give you until this Sunday to contact me...! If not, I will need to pick someone else! Sorry!!!! I think 3 weeks is fair...

We all have moments (or in my case spans of time) that we wish we could forget or jump over... well right now, I wish I could have skiped over the last 3 or 4 months and skip ahead a few months! LOL Life isn't always what you want it to be... sometimes it is difficult to "make it what you want it to be"!

Not much scrapbooking here lately! Lots of running!
The year end show for Jessica's skating is in the practice phase, so lots of time at the arena! Plus she is coaching.... So little time is left to just "relax" and "enjoy"!

Here are a few cards for you guys to look at... ;)

Have a great week!!!

Be back soon!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well, I must say two weeks went by fast for me!!

I guess everyone wants to know if they won! LOL

And the first winner is...


And the second winner is...

Be sure to check out her AMAZING digi kits!! (I have some even though I don't digi!)

So after Jess somehow picked two people who I consider friends... I felt it was
just a little "wrong"!! LOL So... Jess picked a third name - and I'm happy to
say it is someone I haven't had the pleasure to get to know yet! LOL


Congratulations girls!! Email me your addy! And don't forget to let me know what your fav colors are, manufacturer and if you have kids and or pets! (Yes Dawn, you have a zoo at home... LOL)

Thanks everyone :) Have a great weekend!!
Hugs to all of you :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello!!! Wanna a RAK??

Hi everyone!

Thanks for stoping by!

Well, as I've been saying, I have been VERY spoiled lately winning some RAKs - this week I won one from Donna Salazar! now that I can officially celebrate one full year of scrapbooking and meeting AMAZING people... well I'm offering you guys a RAK!
Just leave a comment... I will have Jess pick 1 (maybe 2) winners Feb 2 (that way you have 2 weeks to leave a comment!) :)

If your name is picked, I will contact you to see what I will send off to you! :) I want it to be something you will like... fav manufacturer, some embellies, flowers, chipboard... Promise you will have a say :) This way you will be happy! LOL

Make sure to link your blogs! I love visiting new places!

Chat with you soon! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Had some fun @ Scrapbook Star ;)

Hope you had great holidays! Mine were a tad busy... lots of family gatherings & I had to work throughout the holidays! I was missing some sleep to say the least.. LOL

Quick post today... Next weekend I will post (Jan 19th or 20th) offering a little RAK :) Remember to come back then! I will be posting my very first page made in December 2006... a whole year ago! Promise you will get a good chuckle ;) LOL

New Years Eve, Scrapbook Star had an online crop... there were 22 challenges to choose from - and 3 days to complete! Crazy! But so fun!
Coming towards the end, the quality was going DOWN HILL - so I stoped before totaly destroying whatever I was trying to make! LOL
Here are a few of the layouts...

Some better than others.... ;)

Thanks for stoping by!!! Talk with you soon :)