Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hey ;)

Well I got back from Toronto Monday night... Had a great weekend... But what I came home to was not so good! LOL Check out these pics!!!!!!!! -and that would be a glimpse of my scrapbooking table mess - nothing was damaged! LOL

The entire cabinet ripped out of the ceiling!

And the floor......... lots and lots of broken dishes...........

And broken water tap and so forth........

Tuesday night Jess and I went to the Hilary Duff concert and had amazing seats!

We had a great time.... Now time to clean up! :)

Well....... I hopefully will be back to scrappin' soon!

I almost forgot the good news..... I won the monthly contest at Scrapbook Star with the Scategories page of my dad (it is 2 posts below)!!! Yay me!

Hope you all had a great weekend!