Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hey ;)

Well I got back from Toronto Monday night... Had a great weekend... But what I came home to was not so good! LOL Check out these pics!!!!!!!! -and that would be a glimpse of my scrapbooking table mess - nothing was damaged! LOL

The entire cabinet ripped out of the ceiling!

And the floor......... lots and lots of broken dishes...........

And broken water tap and so forth........

Tuesday night Jess and I went to the Hilary Duff concert and had amazing seats!

We had a great time.... Now time to clean up! :)

Well....... I hopefully will be back to scrappin' soon!

I almost forgot the good news..... I won the monthly contest at Scrapbook Star with the Scategories page of my dad (it is 2 posts below)!!! Yay me!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



TiteC said...

OMG what a horrible surprise to find when you get home !!

Happily no one got hurt...

anyway, congrats on you LO !


Megan said...

OH NO!!! Look at the mess! It's probably best that it happened while you were away, so everybody was safe.

Your photos of Hillary look great - I bet she put on a fabulous concert.

And well done on winning the contest with your cool layout of you and your Dad!!

Megan xx said...

Holy Toronto (hee hee)- I can't believe it just ripped clean off like that! I am originally from So.CA so I immediately thought, "Oh. An earthquake." LOL!

dawn said...

OMG hun - what a homecoming, and just when you want to sit down and chill - so sorry... Hope you are now all back in one piece? Glad you had a great time - you'll need another holiday to get over your homecoming.

So sorry for being a very bad blogger, I am set to rectify it - missing you loads xx

sollie said...

OMG, lucky you weren't there at the moment it happened. You could have been hurt.
Congratulations with your LO.

Tip Junkie said...

WOW! What an aweful thing to come home to. I can't believe how clear your pics of Hillary are - you must have had great seats. Love her!

charlotte said...

Ohhhh Nooooo!! That's not good! A whole cabinet!! Gosh!! Glad that no one was home when it happened.

I love the pics from the concert! You really got some great shots of Hillary!

And the layout of you and your dad is sooooo funny!! Congratulations on winning the contest! The pic. is totally cool! hehehe!!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness - what a shock for you to come home to....I just hope there was nothing tooooo precious in that cupboard - or under it for that matter

Tammy Gray said...

Eeeeeeeek! What a shock! I am glad you all are OK!

Jozzie said...

What the heck happened there? How did it come off the wall/ceiling? That was scarey. Maybe it was a good thing no one was home the time it happened. Someone could have been hurt!

Hope all is better now!

dawn said...

I can tell you are a busy working mum - no time to update your little corner of the blogging world LOL Glad things are looking good for you hun

Angela said...

Where, oh WHERE are you?? I can't find your me. Miss you!

Maisymary's Findings said...

How everything is alrite with your kitchen now ! & everything else !

Congrats on the contest win !

xo, Pearl

Cinzia said...

What disaster in your kitchen...I'm sorry..
Your cards are very pretty, congrats!


Jessica Lynn said...

OMg. I am so sorry. :( That looks like it was horrible. Is that your house or an apartment/condo? Did you have to fix it??

Hope all is better.