Sunday, October 14, 2007

Been a while...

So sorry it's been forever since I posted! LOL
Started a full time job a month ago and life is no longer the same! Run Run Run!
Without naming names... I am working for a TV host/author in Montreal and the hours are really bad! But interesting! It's a question of balancing things out... I am hoping time will help me out!

Anyhow, I wanted to thank some of you for writing and thinking of me! I so needed to know you still care! ;)
Thank you........
I am sure I forgot about some of you!!! My brain is just all over the place! :) But thank you to everyone!!!

Also, I want to send a BIG hug to my girl in France Isabelle (Chocofana)!! I miss you and love you! It was great speaking with you the other day! Wish it could have been longer! Je pense à toi et je t'envoie l'amour, le courage et tout ce que tu as besoins!! TOUT xxxx

Here are some LO to share.........

My two Angels; Jess and Whippet

My Bros! Frank the Tank....

Hope you enjoy!!! Missed you guys!
PS A couple more LO I will get to share with you soon... I shared them so I could post again this week or coming weekend! :) Promise!



Sylvie :) said...

Coucou de France !! figures-toi que je pensais à toi justement hier... c'est marrant non ?
Tes pages sont super jolies !!! avec de jolis détails ! j'aime bien les ailes d'anges.
A bientôt.

sollie said...

Hi hi, great to hear from you again. I started working full-time again in September so I know how busy you are. Isn't it sad to have less time to scrap?
Hugs, Isolde

feeclochette said...

J'adore ta première page :o)
Mon côté fée sans doute ;o)

Fée clochette

charlotte said...

Hi! :-)
Yes, it is hard working full time - I think so too! I don't have bad working hours though - but still, to work full time and also being a mother, wife and MYSELF can be hard.
I'm glad to hear you find your job interesting! That's great!

Nice layouts you've made! Love the one with the wings on it.

I wish you a very nice Tuesday! And thanks a lot for your nice comments on my blog.

Wati Basri said...

hei..1st time hoppg by at yr blog!love those 2 layouts...will dftly came by here more often :) gonna link you up....

Sam said...

Hello you!
Glad to see you're blogging again!

dawn said...

How could I ever forget my little dfriend across the pond? Hope life gets more manageable (say 'hi' to Debbie for me :)) Loadsa love hun

lam said...

Hi girl
Beautiful work as always..I need your adress because you won the drawing on my blog.

Maisymary's Findings said...

Wow these layouts are just fab !

& you're pals with Isabelle aka chocofana !!!! love her work too !

Congrats on the new fulltime job ! SSounds like you're working for a celeb ? lol

I'm sure it's not easy working fulltime !