Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dad and me in St-Ives

Voici une page que j'ai crée pour mon papa... Je ne lui ai pas encor remise! J'espère le voir sous peu, mais il habite à Toronto, ce qui n'est pas tout à fait à la porte! La page se trouve dans un cadre dans mon scrap room! LOL Je voulais garder la page simple et aussi masculine que possible... Voilà le résultat! :)

Here is a page which I created for my dad... I haven't given it to him yet, as he lives in Toronto which is not next door! I hope to see him soon!! So it is now in a frame and waiting... I wanted to keep this page simple and masculine... Here you go! Hope you like it :)

Bisous Michelle :)

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Mon Idole ~My Idol Josée Chouinard

Voici une page que j'ai préparée pour un concours sur le site Scrapbook Laurentides. La seule consigne: faire une page avec des coeurs mais attention, mais pas mettre des coeurs rouges ou roses... Je ne suis pas super fière, mais je la trouve jolie... C'est une photo de Jessica avec Josée CHouinard (Son IDOLE) :)

Here is a page I prepared for a contest with Scrapbook Laurentides. The only request was to make a page with hearts - but no pink or red ones! I am not super pleased, but I still find it cute... The picture is of Jessica and Josée CHouinard (Her IDOL) :) Hope you like it!!

Oh yes.... time to toot my horn again!! Jessica made it to finals and finished 3rd!! I am sooooooooo proud :) Yes, I cried! So overall she was 3rd out of 27 skaters who participated... In March, she is going to Provincials! LOL I will cry again - even if she doesn't place there! Thank you again for all your encouragement! Jess loved it!!

Jessica, bronze medal at the Montreal Regional Junior Bronze

Here are some details of the page...

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ikea Mirror

Hello! So sorry I haven't written for a while... A little busy!
For those of you who have sent emails and comments for Jessica THANK YOU!

Jessica came in 1st in semi finals....
Today, the finals! I promise to let you know the results :)

So, here is, finally, Jessica's IKEA Mirror, hope you like it!! :)

And some details...

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Bisous - Michelle

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tooting my own little horn!

My daughter is competing at regionals this Saturday - so any messages of encouragement for her would be greatly appreciated :) Here is a pic in her current solo "Pink Panther"!

Jessica compétitionne aux régionales samedi - donc tout message d'encouragement serait bien apprécié! Voici une photo - son solo est le panthère rose... !

See you soon!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Page pour ma maman... A page for my mommy...

Here is a page I created for my mom - Christmas gift... I had also submitted it but have not heard back... Hope you like it!... Oh yes, the baby is me! LOL

Voici une page que j'ai crée pour ma mère - un cadeau de Noel... Je l'ai soumise mais je n'ai pas eu de nouvelle... J'espère que vous l'aimer! Et oui, le bébé, c'est moi! LOL

Thank you for your comments ;) ~ Merci pour vos commentaires ;)
Bisous - Michelle

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Photos: the good side of winter!

Just wanted to show you guys the coolest pictures ever! PhotoPlo took these... The pictures are ice in a window (he calls this album "pane in the ice" LOL)...
Hope you enjoy! I love them...

Leave him a comment if you visit!!! He loves those comments almost as much as me!!!! LOL

A pane in the ice

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Magazine holder

Voici un projet dont je suis très fière de vous montrer... possiblement car il m'a pris beaucoup de temps a complèter... Je ne pensais jamais terminer! LOL Il y a beaucoup de détails... Bonne journée! Et MERCI pour vos gentils commentaires!

Hello! Here is a project I am quite proud to upload on my blog... most likely because it took me forever to complete! LOL I thought I would never finish! LOL
There are quite a few details... And Thank you for your comments! They bring a smile to my face every time!

Bisous Michelle

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bookmarks - signets


I have just completed a magazine holder for my mom... here are the bookmarkers I made to go with it. The magazine holder will be up shortly!

Hope you enjoy & Thanx for looking!


Je viens de complèter un rangement pour magazines que j'offre à ma maman - il sera sur le blog sous peu... Pour l'instant voici 2 signets qui vont avec!

En espérant vous revoir bientot!

Bisous ~~ Michelle

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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Je voulais partager avec vous une page que j'avais soumise pour publication, malheureusement elle n'a pas été choisi! Le thème était photo manquée...
J'ai bien aimé la faire! LOL
Le titre a été coupé directement dans le card stock (donc des trous ont été coupés... Peiture acrylique, ruban, encre, doodling, photos manquées par le mouvement de l'autobus... et voila!

Here is a page I sent for publication - but it was not accepted... the theme was to make a 12X12 with missed pictures (either blured or cut of heads...).. Nothing special :) .... I never said I was good at making pages! LOL

Bisous ~~ Michelle

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Door Hanger


As promised, here is the door hanger I created for Jessica's friend... pink of course! lol
Hope you like it :)


Voici le "door hanger" pour l'amie de Jessica tel que promis... il est rose évidemment! lol
J'espère que vous l'aimez :)

Bisous ~~ Michelle

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Casse tête :)

Rien de spécial aujourd'hui!
Je m'ennuyais et ne voulais pas travailler sur un gros projet – j’ai donc entrepris quelque chose de nouveau… un morceau de casse-tête! LOL Comme j’ai bien dit, rien de spécial… Une expérience… Je ne sais même pas quoi faire avec!!

Donc demain c’est mardi… Cela signifie pour moi : La Scrapbookerie à Laval! Mon magasin PRÉFÉRÉ!! Le service est EXCEPTIONEL! Et l'on peut trouver de tout! LOL
Je dois acheter du papier pour le miroir de Jessica dont je me suis procuré chez IKEA.

Alors, à bientôt!
Bisous ~~ Mich

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Address book altered

Here is an address book my mom "ordered". Her's was getting a little old...

Some "faux cuir" floweres, cut out flowers, buttons, embossing, stamps, 3d paint, diamonds, glossy accent on the title and center of the top flowers...

That pretty much covers it!

And yes, once again the original book was purchased at a Dollar Store! I love shopping there and simply going through the isles looking for things to alter!

I have to go finish a door hanger for Jessica's friend now... A pink one... of course! LOL ... oh yes, and my mom gave me a poket agenda to do for her too!

I also went to IKEA last week and bought one of those small mirrors! Not too sure what I will end up doing with this one! LOL Guess we will all have to wait and see...

See you later! And thx for the comments!

Bisous ~~~ Mich

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Saturday, January 6, 2007



Voici ma plus récente création; un agenda pour ma chère maman... Elle est addicte des agendas & calendriers! LOL

Je me suis procuré de l'agenda original au Dollorama - oui, pour 1$ :) C'est fantastique ce que l'on peut trouver la! Je l'ai recouvert et décoré... un peu de Glossy Accent procuré chez Ficelles et Bouts de Papier (pas facile de trouver ce produit ces jours ci!!)... des fleurs, peinture 3D....

J'espère qu'il vous plait et vous donne des idées! A+

Bisous ~~ Mich

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Friday, January 5, 2007

Memorabilia envelop


I completed this about a month ago – nothing complicated… I started a high school album for Jessica… It is far from being completed! However, there is a cover page to the album and an envelop for each year (I only made the one for the current year this far, as I am a beginner, and I know that my technique will grow for next year’s!!).

As Jess is in Sport School (“sport etude”), every month they highlight a student’s effort – a mixture of the sport they practice and their academic achievements. Jess has a place to keep these articles or other Memorabilia…

The sides to the envelope are sown, not glued, to avoid interference with objects being placed. Obviously this article is to showcase the idea, not any technique!! Also the flap of the envelop goes over the plastic protector - easy access to add things into it.
I should also mention that the envelop is the same below - I appologize for the pictures below!! Jess's favorite color is pink, so the opened one is the accurate color :)

Hope you enjoy and use this idea! Bisous ~ Mich

Thursday, January 4, 2007

my Mom gave into scrapbooking too!!!

My mom finaly gave into scrapbooking! She has tried and loved it!! :)

Here is her first LO... She prepared this as a gift to her brother...
It is a great start, don't you think?
I will see you tomorrow with more! Michelle

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Annonce d'Iggydodie!

Bonjour :)

Je n'ai pas de scrap pour l'instant... Mais, une de mes scrappeuses favorites, Elodie (Iggydodie), vient d'annoncer qu'elle organise un crop a Bayonne pour ceux qui peuvent y participer:

Quant a moi, j'aimerais bien, par contre la France se trouve un peu loin du Canada! LOL
Je lui souhaite un énorme succès et j'espère bien qu'elle vient nous visiter au Canada pour diriger un atelier ou deux un jour!! LOL plus aujourd'hui elle a affiché son newsletter rempli de superbes idées! :) ...

A Bientot
Bisous ~~~ Mich

2nd door hanger... :)

Hello again :)

My daughter Jessica loved the first door hanger and wanted her own... She even placed an order for one of her friends! So I will be sharing more with you... if that's ok?!?! lol

I added a little "bling" for my teen, as she loves thoses diamonds!! lol Of course she wishes they were real... who wouldn't??

I also put a butterfly again... a stamp, some embossing, cutting... and voila!

Thank you for visiting!
Bisous ~~ Mich

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