Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jess ;)

Hey all!
This is just a quick post.... Today is my 35th bday... yuck! LOL
And I have a 9 hour shift at work, double yuck!
And due to the time I get home, Jess will be sleeping at her grand ma's, triple yuck!

But on the good side of life, Jess gave me the BeSt BDAY present ever! She past her Senior Bronze test in skating last night... SO HAPPY for her! Poor girl works so hard!!

All her double jumps were clean & high, her spins - marvellous!!! Watch her lay back, breathtaking (to a mom at least! LOL)....

Congrats baby girl! Mom loves her little monkey!!!

So for those of you interested, here is the video... I took it with Jess's camera, so no zoom... but still good quality!!

See ya :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pages and thoughts....

Hey again! Hope you guys are well!!

Michelle from the Scrappin Trends DT was about to have her baby... So the entire DT got together and each made a double page for a baby album... It is the first time I make a page without pictures... It was a little difficult! But I really love how these 8x8 turned out :) "Dad and Me"
Hope you like them....

First page - Title page (hand cut title and used Glossy accent)

Second page - thought Michelle could put one, two or even three pictures... Hidden journaling tag inserted...

Second.... I was a witness to a car accident today... 2 vehicles... I think one of the drivers fell asleep... He just barely missed me and then hit the car in front of mine... several times... banged into a wall... everyone was ok - minor bruises... I was the only car to stop to make sure they were ok... (how sad is that?? What is this world coming to? You'd think a few would stop to make sure there were no casualties or serious injured parties!)...

Just wanted to say... remember to be grateful for the little things... remember to say I love you to your loved ones... don't be negative... don't attack others... enjoy life and help others... do NOT take things for granted... life is too short to hate and you never know what can happen to those you love or to you! It takes just a second............

So, this being said, I apprecite you guys and appreciate your comments... I do!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Couple of wedding pages ;)

Hello again ;)
Here are a couple of wedding pages I made for a French Canadian Mag that didn't get chosen..... Seriously - not to offend anyone - I think I will skip the French Canadian mags... LOL Never hear back from them :)

Anyhow, gotta run! Hope you like them :) I am found of the BG one.... the other (white one), well I like the idea I had in mind better than how it turned out! LOL

Thank you again for all your comments from all over the place! So nice :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A birdie... a few creations....

Hello again!! Told ya I would be back! :)

First thing... I have to show you this video!! I found a little injured bird outside... Fed him, gave him lotsa love... and he flew away.... I was with the little guy for a good hour! Was so magical :)

Here is one more page and a card...
Some Love, Elsie

The card was made solely with one patter paper and green cardstock (added some bling, glitter and used gel pens)... I was just trying out my new toy - a Silouhette!!! Thanx daddy!! I so LOVE it! :)

Love ya guys!! Thx for visiting! ;)

A little update....

Yeah, I know! Way too long in between posts!! I will make up for it!
Just busy looking for work and trying to get through the day to day stuff! LOL


A few quick pics to get started....
Jess receiving her Hilary Duff Tickets & "cutting" her cake...

Oh! I love this pic! Jess in the pool...

OK - some pages...
The first is of a bird my parents took the pic on one of their trips to the states... His home is a cactus! I just thought it was a cool shot :)

Here are two designs of Jess and her Whippet! Those two are always together :)
"2 of a kidn" is not one of my favs - I wanted to play with HS ghost letters and my H2O paints... which barely show up on the pic... LOL

Well... more tomorrow - really!!! I already took the pics... just have to download them!!! Thank you so much for stoping by and the comments :) Take care!