Friday, January 5, 2007

Memorabilia envelop


I completed this about a month ago – nothing complicated… I started a high school album for Jessica… It is far from being completed! However, there is a cover page to the album and an envelop for each year (I only made the one for the current year this far, as I am a beginner, and I know that my technique will grow for next year’s!!).

As Jess is in Sport School (“sport etude”), every month they highlight a student’s effort – a mixture of the sport they practice and their academic achievements. Jess has a place to keep these articles or other Memorabilia…

The sides to the envelope are sown, not glued, to avoid interference with objects being placed. Obviously this article is to showcase the idea, not any technique!! Also the flap of the envelop goes over the plastic protector - easy access to add things into it.
I should also mention that the envelop is the same below - I appologize for the pictures below!! Jess's favorite color is pink, so the opened one is the accurate color :)

Hope you enjoy and use this idea! Bisous ~ Mich

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