Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lots of stuff ;)

Times are quite busy! Jess is preping for her year end show! So not much time at home these days! LOL

First... Karla (Website: ) was having a little contest, a lift! So cool! You guys have to check out all the gorgeous LOs!!
I have to admit I had been visiting her blog for a while now, so I was so excited!

Here is the link to all the lifts!

Lift Me Up! blinky

So the original was from Ania (Website: - Take the time to check out her gorgeous stuff!
This is her LO:

Followed by mine:

Now, at Scrapbook Star there was a little contest going on... we were sent LOTS of items to include in our LOs..... anyhow, here is my result! (items included all flowers, all puzzle pieces, the black items, red crochet cotton, glitter...and more!)

And a last LO with Scarlet Lime Kit (December)... The lift was also done with the Kit! And trust me - all of these kits are AMAZING!!!

I thought I should also share what it is looking like here!! - they are announcing a total of 50 cm of the white stuff!! (that's almost 2 feet)
What's left of the tree out front!

The view from my front door!

Well, that's all for today! More stuff to share and I was tagged by Donna Salazar (LOVE HER).... so back soon!
Hugs to all of you!!


Tammy James said...

Hi Michelle,
WOW all that snow is Amazing ,so beyond my realm of comprehension to look out my door at that!
We are in Autumn now (just) but boy its hot, hotter than it was during most of our Summer.
thanks for stopping by and saying hi my lil Boy is close to two now so I figure it must have been about a year since we were visiting regularly - time does fly huh!
Take care

dawn said...

Hello my little sweetheart ... first of all - much love and success to Jess - hope it's not stressing either of you out too much ... I suspect that you are only seeing the inside of the ice rink for now! LOL Love the layouts and WOW to the snowy pics - send a little my way - just enough for some wintery pics :)

Much love to you both - miss you xx

Sylvie :) said...

Tes pages sont toujours très belles !! bises de France :)

Joz said...

Oh brother! That's a whole lot of snow too! Just visited Marge's blog and she has about 2 people height!!! Anyway, you've been TAGGED! Go check out my blog!


Elaine said...

Your layout with the yellow background and white butterfly are fabulous!! I love the colors and the picture that you chose to use with it too. Too bad it's still so cold and snowy all over the country! We had snow this morning too...very unusual for Seattle!!

Ashley said...

Gorgeous, I am huge fan of the one photo layout. Simple yet dramatic. Luv them!