Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jessica's year end show!

Hope you enjoy some pics!

Medley on Ice


Victoria said...

Great photos! TFS! :)

lam said...

wow they looks so beautiful and cute.

Whish you a happy Easter

dawn said...

Michelle - these images are fantastic, Jess is a real superstar - thanks so uch for the photo's, I will be using them for sure. Sending you both lots of love xx

sollie said...

Can't see the pics :-(

dawn said...

me again LOL... glad you liked what I did with the fantastic images of Jess - she's a real superstar and you're so right to be VERY proud of her. Any more - send them my way, loved working with them :)

Aida Haron said...

WOW ..... what fabulous skaters !!! Thanks for coming by and saying hello.


dawn said...

Hi my angel - it's me again LOL Wishing you and Jess a great w/e ... wonder if you have a break from the ice rink? LOL Missing you tons xx

Kwebbel said...

beautiful pictures from the ice show, and super lo's.
My name is Kwebbel and I am from Germany.On my Scrap - blog I have a long link list from blogger from 'far far away'. And you are my blogger from Canada!
I hope that is ok for you!
I am happy when you visit me too.
See you,
lovely greetings from Germany

Samantha said...

You need to update your blog.... that's all. ;)

dawn said...

I'm back again - filling up your comments box LOL ... hope things are going well for you hun - missing you xxx

Joz said...

Seems that we all stopped blogging right around the same time.

I'm back in blog-o-world. Come join me! Post some new stuff, I want to see what you're up to these days. Hope you're well!