Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Designing Like a STAR Contest at the Chalet (week 3)

Hello!! I know, I've been a bad bad blogger ;)

Quick update on the contest; I made it through round 3 and am now working on round 4 :)

Round 3:
Scraplift (something i really don't like to do, so I did it keeping in mind that it would be very different styles and colors.... I don't think it was very popular! LOL But I just didn't want to lift! Somewhat unconfortable with the entire concept!)
The first pic is from Jeanne, The second is my lift! I loved the slanting of the pics and layering, the flowers and the scrolly at the bottom... Anyhow, that was my take on things! ;)

And here is what i have been up to... or at least a peak! Round 4 is the peach, white and transparency photos ;)

And here is a little pic of my baby girl! :) Notice that the grass is almost as big as her! LOL

Thank you so much for stoping by!!! Love the comments and your visits !!! :) Have a great rest of the week
Yep Yep Eh (for Elisa & Jeanne! LOL )


*Jeanne* said...

Hey you girlie! You did amazing with the lift. Incredible work! I love it. I wanna see all of your next project.. not just a peek! Dang it!

Awwwww look at your big dog! I see you are having fun with the camera... I am green as the grass.

Hugs from down south...

Flower said...

Awesome semi-lift! It's gorgeous! Love the journaling strips on it.
lol Big dog. He's a cutie and I bet he's enjoying our first bout of Spring!

Flower said...

Oops, I meant SHE is a cutie! *blush* Sorry Whipette!

Anonymous said...

Oh all very nice, your layouts are lovely. Loving those flowers LOL !! and the transparency layout looks gorgeous.

Carole xx

Linda Loe said...

Lovely lay-out love the doodles and the colours.