Saturday, February 10, 2007

I have been tagged!!

Sorry for not posting lately! Been going crazy with other things... My scrapbooking muse has now returned!! I got scared for a while!! I will be posting this coming week some of my weekend creations - thank you for your patience and visits!

My beautiful, sweet, talented, and quirky darling friend Jeanne from North Carolina, TAGGED me! No worries luv, I still luv ya!!

Now I need to list 6 quirky or weird things about myself...

I have more than I care to blog about... Here goes:

1. I did not drink coffee until my mid-20s, and hated it! I used to put 6 or 7 tsp of sugar to kill the taste... now I am a complete addict! -just milk, no sugar...

2. When it is cold (not freezing, just cold), circulation in my fingers is cut off, and they become white! If it is freezing, so do my toes! Not a pretty picture...

3. Single woman, single mom 24-7, still think that fairy tales & prince charming exist, just haven't met mine yet!

4. Every so often I get into a cleaning mood - I even clean between the tiles with a toothbrush! and I am not talking about "spring cleaning", in the mood is my subtle way to try to take away from the fact that it is an addiction... :(

5. Talking about addictions... I am a workaholic & a perfectionist... If I am on a project (personal or for work), I dream about it, wake up thinking about it... Just live for it! Not a good thing by any means!

6. I am so sensitive (my mom calls me a baby) that I can cry during a commercial, a movie, the news and Oprah! Anything remotely sad, romantic, heroic... I CRY!!! My DD and mom laugh at me all the time! We watch something - I cry!

I think that is enough for today!

Now I get to tag 6 people... I will start with Dawn (a complete inspiration, caring and true online friend), Isabelle (a sensitive, sweet, caring, pure artistic, wonderful and true online friend), Donna (someone I look up to, I am somewhat jealous -lol - an artist in its purest form), Flower (her online screen name - my neighbor, recently found neighbor - who may become my best shopping friend ever! LOL, who has a magic touch making cards), Gillian (terrific card maker and mum of 3, from AU!) and finally, Bety (Amazing card designer!!) - I could go on, but I am afraid someone may hurt me after this!! *I kept this to my English fellow scrapbookers, not to offend anyone - Just didn't want to translate this post!!

Please leave them a comment, let them know I sent you!! Maybe then they will forgive me for tagging them!

Hugs to all! Thank you for your comments and continued visits! Your encouragement means the world to me these days :)

a.k.a Vanilla


Flower said...

I was tagged already and shared my weirdness! lol I'm not going to list six more, I'll scare everyone off! lol

Gillian Hamilton said...

Me too... sorry Michelle.. no I'm not really LOL!!!!... If you scroll down my blog you'll find my weirdness revelled!!! ARGH!!!... It is a funny tag, but a bit confronting heh!

iralamija said...

I enjoyed reading your "weird things" I was tagged a few months ago, but you can find the link on my blog so you can read that post, ~have a nice day and thank you so much for your sweet comments about my work!!!

Bety :)


Hi! Thx for dropping by my blog :) It's a lovely feeling isn't it, being in love with a child *swoons* Mind if I link you?

Donna Salazar said...

Well..... it looks like I'm the only one so far that hasn't been tagged already. O K I'll list them tomorrow. And Michelle... again, thanks for all your sweet comments about me. U-R-D Sweetest. Hugs to you.

Dawn said...

I knew there was something else I should have done - sorry babes, I forgot to add my weird list (next update)... but I loved reading yours LOL :)

*Jeanne* said...

Hey there Michelle! I am so happy to see your list. See I knew I loved ya for some reason. We have so much in common.

You are such a dear in every possible way! Hugs to you my sweet friend! I am so glad I tagged you!

Tammy said...

Hi Michelle,
Hmmm... Some wierd yes. Some not really very wierd at all. : )