Sunday, February 18, 2007

Basic Grey rocks!! TOOT

My Friends LO is now on Basic Grey!!!

And to make things even cooler, my super and crazy friend Nancy got on at the same time as me for her LO MOMMY'S LIL CUTIE FACE!!!! Check out Nancy's blog (here)!

Ain't life grand???

I also want to thank my very sweet and dear Isabelle (Chocofana) for giving me a push to submit it!! You are the best!! Thank you :)

Mich :)


NancyJones said...

YOu are so cute and so sweet and so funny! I just love her you girly girl!!!!

Isabelle Cipriani said...

Michelle, je suis RAVIE pour toi ! Je savais que ce merveilleux layout avait FORCEMENT sa place dans la galerie Basic Grey ! Encore bravo pour cette réalisation tellement belle et originale qui met tellement leur collection DASHER en valeur ! Tu es une merveilleuse artiste et je suis fière de toi !

Megan said...


Congratulations Michelle!

Megan xx

Dawn said...

Fantastic news my sweet - I am so glad that life is grand for you :)

sollie said...

Waw, I really like your pages. You are very creative. I hope you don't mind that I've added you to my blog. Hope to see you on my blog too. It's on
Have a nice day, Isolde

sollie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my site. Sure, you can add me to your site. It's great to make new friends through scrapbooking. See you soon, Isolde