Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jess, teaching and a page ;)

Hey there ;)

Long time... sorry about that again...!

Well.... lot's has been happening... first, I should start with my dad...

I hate to ask for prayers... so I waited till I knew what was happening...
So I went up to Toronto last weekend to drive my brother back to our dad's, thinking, cool, get to visit my daddy.... Well friday night he announced he was getting surgery on Monday!!! Either an angioplasty (how ever you spell it) or if things were real bad: OPEN HEART SURGERY! Nice surprise?!?!?!??!

All to say, I drove him to the hospital in the morning, he had surgery and all is good!! I am so happy - "only" angioplasty........ Now if he could learn from this and start to take care of his health, it would be great! LOL So, needless to say, it was not a relaxing weekend!! After I pick up my dad and brought him home, right after which I drove back to Montreal...

Now for some fun news :)
I tought my first beginners class at Scrapbook Star on Saturday! It was super fun! I will be able to give these each month (or so) :)
Jess took the class and made this page, which I think is amazing:

And here is a quick page I made while in Toronto ;)

Well I should post a couple of more pages this week... as always, need to finish up journaling and a few details ;)

Thanx for coming by and your comments;)


Flower said...

Glad to hear your father is okay!! You can even scrap while nervous and away? You got it going on! lol It'll take me a while to catch up, but happy belated Birthday and keep up the awesome skating, Jess!

Sylvie :) said...

Tes pages sont superbes !!!
Je suis aussi bien contente que ton père aille mieux !!!
(j'espère que tu parles français parce que je mets toujours mes commentaires en français...:o) )

Marci said...

SO glad that your Dad is okay - scary stuff that angioplasty. Great pages, I love how you rocked the Elsie. Gorgeous!

Maisymary's Findings said...

Hope your father's recovery is going on well Michelle ! Great pages here !

xo, Pearl

sollie said...

Happy to hear that your dad is alright!
Nice pages!!